The How-To On Android App Building For A Smartphone

The development process that building an Andoid app entails comes with a number of systematic issues which you can count on as a guide through the entire process. Decision making will come early on in the process. The first issue you would have to address would be the purpose of the app you are developing. Here, of course, you have to factor in the element of the user, or the person who will make use of the app with the purpose you have in mind. At the same time, you can use this period to determine whether you will make a free app or it will have a price tag.

There are a number of platforms you can build the app on. The next thing you should do is to identify which platform would be most suitable for you. These platforms require that you be a registered developer, though. Make sure you are one so you won’t have any problems in the end. Before you can download the Android platform, you have to register for it first. When you do, you will need to have a coder. In the beginning, it used to be that this was not easy for many new developers. Even seasoned developers who are working as freelancers also had a problem with this. But the surge in app creator coders now have made things easier for developers these days. They actually don’t have to do any coding at all anymore.

Next step would involve the actual designing of the app. Here, you will let your creative juices flow.

This the point where your best effort will be expected from you. If the design is catchy and attractive enough to draw the eye, you can be sure to have a certain level of success once it hits the market. Although good coding is entirely separate from good design, they are working towards the same goal. Design the interface in such a way that it is very eye-catching but still very easy to understand or comprehend by ordinary people. The design should not overwhelm the other functions of the app, such as the scroll functions. Keep at it until you are satisfied that you have something functional for use.

Next, you’d have to test the apps and evaluate it closely. Here, you will see for yourself whether or not you’d have a functional app in the end. Take into account the differences of working capacities of the many brands of phone models that are Android based. The testing of the app would serve to check that they will work on several models even if they have a lower capacity. Switching from portrait to landscape orientation can be used to test the transitions. Test the signal performance too if it runs on internet connections.

After you have done the necessary changes on the android app, you will head back to your online Android platform and load your product. At this stage, you will have to wait for the approval of the app.

TOP 5 Free Sites to Download Full Version Casual Games

According to VentureBeat mobile games are conquering the world. Hardly a surprise, huh? Nevertheless, PC casual gaming still exists and people all over the world still want to play casual games full version and free. Let’s put aside those sites asking you to sign up to get a game; showering ads on you; mentioning “free full download” to get you on the hook and download a trial version; and offering cracked games with potentially harmful viruses inside. Here is a list of nice websites that gives a wide berth to those actions.

This casual gaming website lets you download about 400 free PC games with no time limits or trial versions, as well as play online games and mobile ones (yet selection is not that big with only 8 mobile games available). Games on are allocated in such categories as time management, action, cards, hidden object, match 3, games for girls, shooting, and more. The portal make money generally on advertising, but it’s not annoying at all. The installation process is quite simple, just make sure to skip the offer to install additional software called “PlayFree browser” and that’s it. Game downloads are free of harmful viruses, adware, and spyware (scanned by Virustotal). Eventually, you won’t be interrupted by in-games ads. Each game page contains instructions how to install and uninstall the game for users’ convenience. offers over 1000 free downloadable on PC and online games available in full version with no time limits. What’s more, this portal has a mobile version, so you can access through a mobile device. Apart from this, exhaustive game reviews are being posted here permanently. Ads on the portal are a bit obtrusive, but still you can cope with it. The installation process is rather fast, just make sure to uncheck the boxes on the 1st step if you don’t want become your default browser homepage or useless add-ons being added to your browser. Game downloads are free of harmful viruses, adware, and spyware (scanned by Virustotal).

ToomkyGames exhilarates you with an enjoyable selection of about 400 eye-pleasing casual and flash games that are free to download on PC and play online. All the games are available in full version and have no time limits whatsoever. There are 19 categories to help you choose what game to play. What’s more, the catalogue is being constantly updated with free casual games. In addition, this portal has a mobile version, so you can access through a mobile device and check out several popular mobile games. ToomkyGames generally makes money on advertising, thus ads on the portal are not abusive at all. The installation process consists of 2 parts: firstly, you’re optionally offered additional software which you can decline easily by pressing the appropriate button; after that, the game files are installed. It’s a bit longer than on the other websites, but games are definitely worth it. Game downloads are free of major harmful viruses and adware (scanned by Virustotal ). Eventually, you won’t be interrupted by in-games ads, too. Everything on the portal is made for user convenience.

GameTop allows you to easily download full version PC games, as well as play games for Android, iOS, and Mac. All the content on this portal is free and contains no viruses, in-game ads, malware, and toolbars at all (scanned by Virustotal). Main categories are action, puzzle, racing, shooter, hidden objects, simulation, match 3, and arcade. You can also find a nice pick of online flash game in those categories. has the fastest installation process among all the sites in this review: no additional offers and clean installer. The portal make money generally on advertising, but it’s not annoying at all.

This website is mainly focused on flash games, which are in the majority here. You can play them online and download on your PC for free as well. But still, there are over 200 free casual downloadable games along with about 70 mobile games. Games are presented full version with no ads inside. The advertising on the site itself is quite smooth. The catalogue is constantly being updated with fresh games and contains the heap of genres like action, kids games, bubble shooter, dress up, platform games, etc. The installation process is the same as on Gametop – fast and easy. Game downloads are virus free, with no adware or spyware at all (scanned by Virus Total).

Android Smartphones – The Next Generation Big Thing

If you do not know what a smartphone is, then please do read on. Now a smartphone may be loosely defined as any phone, which offers many more advanced features and connectivity options than most of the phones of its era. These phones are sometimes compared to personal handheld computing devices. Software developers are also provided with an ideal platform to work on since these phones function around an operating system. They pack powerful processors and huge memories. The category comprised of smartphones has witnessed the highest growth in sales in recent memory.

Now that you know what smartphones are, you must have come to realize that they run an operating system much like your personal computer.

Android is the mobile operating system released by Google after the company acquired Android, Inc. It has now been purchased by the Open Handset Alliance. The word Android literally translates to something which has a biological foundation and closely mimics a human being. The basis for Android is formed by the ARM architecture. ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine or Acorn RISC Machine with both being used interchangeably. There are other ARM architecture based mobile phone operating systems with which Android competes. Some of these operating systems are Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, Apples proprietary iOS and the oldest mobile operating system, the Symbian platform. Any phone that uses an Android operating system is an Android smartphone. These are manufactured by a myriad of well known mobile phone manufacturing companies. Also many cellular service providers seamlessly integrate these devices in their networks.

From a technological point of view, Android consists of-

1. An operating system
2. Middleware
3. Key application

Android Smartphone’s uses a version of the Linux kernel that has been modified to serve the mobile environment. Hence it is open source. The Android operating system was first released on 21 October 2008. Since then, various updates have been seen. These updates have mostly taken care of security issue or have added new features. The fourth and latest version of Android is version 2.2. It is also known as Froyo. It has been based on Linux Kernel 2.6.32. The next version, nicknamed Gingerbread is slated for release in the last quarter of 2010. Android smartphones usually have the following features-

• A large variety of handset layouts.
• SQLite is used for the structured storage of data.
• Connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GSM, EDGE, 3G, etc are available.
• Support for multi-touch has been incorporated in the OS.
• Additional hardware devices like cameras, GPS, touch-screens, etc are supported.
• A fully functional web-browser is provided.
• Various applications such as calendar, maps, email client, etc are provided in the box. However you could download and install many other applications and install them. These apps may be free or paid.
• Android provides a healthy developer environment. It contains various tools for debugging as well as a device emulator.
• Prices of android smartphones are usually less than smartphones having similar hardware specs but a different operating system.

Android smartphones, in their short lifespan have already made a huge impact. These phones are only expected to pack better features and be cost effective.